NY has Medical Marijuana.  Yay?

In May, a doctor prescribed Medical Marijuana for my chronic pain. It should be good for a year, but he accidentally put an end date on the certification when entering it in the system. By the time I got my card and tried to pick it up, the date had passed.

I went back to him to solve the problem. While I was sitting there he tried to fix it, but said the system was down. I heard other docs were having the same problem that week. He said, "Please call and remind me in a week, and I'll do it."

So I did. And I have called once a week since then. I even called the MM Program to see if they could help him. They said he can erase it and start over, or call them and they can talk him through a fix.

Last week the receptionist spoke with him and relayed the message that he's aware of the issue and will take care of it.

Today I called and talked with the receptionist, saying" Hello, this is your weekly call to remind Dr. M to deal with my prescription."

He said, OK, but I'm afraid I'll get yelled at. I thought he was joking.

A few minutes later the receptionist called to say the doctor crumpled up the paper, threw it at him, and yelled, saying "I will not, not not not NOT deal with this!"

He seemed so calm and thoughtful in our sessions. I'm shocked.

And so done.

And so moving to Colorado.

Photos by Emory Collinson        © Niki Naeve 2015